"It is diabolical to suggest placing a massive construction works here when a derelict industrial site could be used.  Thames Water should not underestimate the outrage this would cause."

Philip Glennister 

Phase 2 Consultation Now Closed
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STOPtheSHAFT - Putney & Barnes

Thames Water needs a site in West London from which to build their 'Super Sewer'.  We are in favour of a cleaner river and support the Super Sewer but strongly believe that brownfield rather than greenfield sites should be used to build it. 

Thames Water originally favoured a brownfield site at Hammersmith, where a hugely polluting CSO is located. However, planning permission was granted by the local council which meant that this was not possible.  

In September 2010 Barn Elms was then proposed as their preferred site and Stop the Shaft was set up as a result. Our sole aim is to prevent this important sporting hub and beautiful, green area, which is enjoyed by thousands of people each week from all over London and sits in between the world renowned Wetlands Wildlife Centre and a dense residential area in Putney, from turning into this. 

Brief status of campaign:  Barn Elms is no longer Thames Water's preferred location for the West London drive shaft site - instead Carnwath Road is.  No new information came to light during Phase 2 of the Thames Tunnel consultation that made them change this preference.  

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