Typical scenes in this much used stretch of the river.  Would you like to be one of the skippers of the industrial barges who has to navigate these waters on a daily basis to take away excavated spoil? Watch out for the rowers, canoeists, sailors and motor cruisers!


Phase 2 Consultation Now Closed

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Save Barn Elms in the press


Evening Standard (This is London) article - 30th May

Opposite banks of the Thames go to war over supersewer site

Wandsworth Council press release - 22nd February

New Concerns over Tunnelling Site

Richmond and Twickenham Times - 3rd February - pages 5

Campaigners Make Last Ditch Effort To Halt Plans

Evening Standard - 8th December 

The Sewer Must Be Built

BBC London Radio News 4th November - 1 hour 15 minutes into the program

BBC London TV News - 4th November - 1 minute 40 into the program

PutneySW15 website - 4th November

Barn Elms No Longer Preferred Super Sewer Site 

Wandsworth Guardian - 4th November

Campaigners delight as Barn Elms is spared sewer shaft

This is Local London - 4th November

Big victory in battle for Barn Elms

Wandsworth Borough Council - 4th November

Thames Water steps back from Barn Elms

BBC London News Article - 4th November

Thames 'super sewer' names alternative sites in London

BBC London News - 31st October

Thames Tunnel should be reviewed

BBC London News - 27th October

Expert Claims River Thames "super sewer is for profit"

The Telegraph  - 16th October

Duke of Cambridge -Warns of Green Spaces under threat from developers - Hands off our Land

BBC London News - 15th September

Expert in rethink over Thames "super-sewer" plan

Commons Debate - 14th September

Waste Water (Thames and Greater London)

BBC London News - 27th August

Thames Sewer Pipes "unnecessary"

Wandsworth Guardian - 25th August

Wandsworth Council leader calls for cap on London's water bills during tunnel construction

Public Service.co.uk - 24th August

Don't sideline public on 'super sewer'

Richmond and Twickenham Times - 20th August

Thousands sign Barn Elms super sewer petition

Thames Tunnel website - 18th August

Phil Stride receives petition from Stop the Shaft

Richmond Informer - 17th August

Thames Water receive 16,000 signature petition opposing 'Super Sewer' plans for Barn Elms

WBC website - 10th August

Greenfield Guardians Gather New Strength

Brightside - The Magazine for Wandsworth - August 2011

Save Barn Elms Rally

Local MP Justine Greening website - 30 July

Save Barn Elms Alliance

Your Local Guardian 21st July

Hundreds of campaigners attend Barn Elms rally to voice concerns about Super Sewer

Richmond Informer - 20th July

Rally against Thames Water's 'super sewer' held at Barn Elms

Radio Jackie - 18th July

Barn Elms rally a success despite the weather

London Regional News | London Tonight - 16 July

London Sewer Protest - coverage of the Rally

Putney SW15 website - 8 July

'Save Barn Elms Alliance' launched

PutneySW15 Community Website - 7 July

Local Pressure Group Welcomes Review of Thames Super Sewer

Mail Online - 21 June

Thamesfield Bulletin June 2011

Thames Tideway Tunnel

Back Boris 2012 Blog - 17th June

Boris tackles sports participation

 Barn Elms touch rugby June 2011 (home pitch)

London24 - 16th June

Fight for Barn Elms against "super sewer"

Wandsworth Guardian - 13th June

Visitors to Barn Elms 10,000 every weekend

The Telegraph - 10th June

Parks and Playing Fields to be Protected

Guardian Newspaper - 2nd June

UK Green Spaces worth at least 30bn a Year in Health and Welfare

BBC News - 2nd June

Nature "is worth billions" to UK

Mail Online - 1st June

How Playing Fields Keep on Vanishing

Evening Standard -  27th May 2011

Gene Hunt joins fight to save Barn Elms from supersewer

Putneysw15.com - 26th May 2011

Pressure Mounts over Greenfield tunneling as in two weeks signatures increase by 3000

Wandsworth Guardian - 26th May 2011

Celebrities including Anneka Rice and Peter Snow join the campaign against Barn Elms as the "super- sewer" site

Wandsworth Guardian - 13th May 2011

New Fund Gives Campaigners Fresh Hope to Save Barn Elms Playing Fields

Audio link

World Migratory Bird Day  14th -15th May 2011

Land use changes from a bird's-eye view

London News  - 11th May

£10 million to protect London's playing fields will be handed out by the lottery as part of the London 2012 Legacy programme. Jason Rosam speaks to Olympic Minister Hugh Robertson

Green Places

Tunnel Vision Causes a Stink  - page 30/31

Fields in Trust 

Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge - Patron HRH Prince William. 

Daily Mail - 3rd May 2011

Why living near green spaces DOES make you healthier and improves your life 

Evening Standard - 20th April 2011

Boris Johnson tries to save park from supersewer 

Wandsworth Guardian  - 15th April 2011   

Thames Water's super sewer to cost Londoners £65 a year

Wandsworth Guardian  7th April 2011  

Campaigners vow to fight on against super sewer entrance for Barn Elms 

Richmond and Twickenham Times 1st April 2011  

Super Sewer Consultation Results Revealed  

Evening Standard - 31st March 2011

10,000 sign petitions objecting to supersewer

Wandsworth Guardian - 29th March 2011

Barn Elms playing fields set for £2m makeover

Wandsworth Guardain - 29th March 2011

Oxford Cambridge Boat Race weekend brings crowds to Putney

Wandsworth Guardian  - 26th March 2011

Barn Elms playing fields receive £547,000 redevelopment grant despite super sewer fears

Richmond and Twickenham Times 18th March 2011

Thames Water has defended its initial round of proposals for super sewer construction sites, which included Barn Elms playing fields

This is London - 17 March 2011

Oscar winner joins protest against 'super sewer'

Your Local Guardian - James Trueman - 16 Mar 2011

London Major Boris Johnson quizzed at People's Question Time in Battersea

Richmond and Twickenham Times - Christine Fleming - 11 Mar 2011 

Barn Elms campaigners vow to fight on after partial super sewer

Online Communities Ltd  - 11 March 2011

McGowan backs barnes vision

Your Local Guardian - James Trueman - 10 Mar 2011

Fresh hope for 'super sewer' fields

Surrey Comet - 9th March 2011

Campaign group Stop the Shaft plan a peaceful protest against proposals to build a super sewer entrance at Barn Elms

This is London – 9th March 2011

Thames Water is considering an alternative site to Barn Elms for the entrance to London's new super sewer

Richmond and Twickenham Times - 11th February 2011 

Fresh hope for super sewer campaigners as Thames Water reconsiders Barn Elms Site

Richmond and Twickenham Times - 5th February 2011

A former Barnes Vision member questions whether super sewer protesters should consider what they could gain from development 

The Guardian - 3rd February 2011  

We cannot allow London's 'super sewer' to devastate our communities

Time & Leisure - 1st February 2011

Hope for Barn Elms Rethink

BritishRowing.co.uk - 29th January 2011

Sewage Email Alerts

Demotix.com - 31st January 2011

No to the sewage vent on Putney foreshore

Wandsworth Guardian - 12th January 2011

StopTheShaft to hand over Thames Tunnel consultation submission to MPs on Thursday

Youtube.com - 8th January 2011

Putney marches...STOP THE SHAFT!!

Richmond and Twickenham Times - 7th January 2011

Barnes and Putney residents make feelings known about Thames Water proposals to locate 'super sewer' entrance in Barn Elms

The Evening Standard - 7th January 2011

London's super sewer the size of the Channel Tunel

Richmond and Twickenham Times - 7th January 2011

Barnes and Putney residents make feelings known about Thames Water proposals to locate 'super sewer' entrance in Barn Elms

Greenguardian.co.uk - 6th January 2011

Putney church packed for MP's Thames Tunnel meeting

This is Local London - 3rd January 2011

Wandsworth residents urged to act soon over Thames Tunnel plans

PutneySW15.com - 20th December 2010

Thames Ward Bulletin

Wandsworth Guardian - 13th December 2010

Super sewer protesters gather at Barn Elms, Barnes

Wandsworth Guardian - 13th December 2010

Wandsworth residents out in force to protest Thames Water plans

PutneySW15.com - 10th December 2010

Feedback Form The Putney Public Meeting On The proposed Thames Tunnel

Wandsworth Guardian - 8th December 2010

Protest over 'super sewer' entrance in Barn Elms gathers pace 

Wandsworth Guardian - 8th December 2010


StopTheShaft to hand over Thames Tunnel consultation submission to MPs on Thursday

Richmond and Twickenham Times - 25th November 2010

'Inept in the extreme': Richmond Council's damning verdict on Thames Water's 'super sewer' consultation

Wandsworth Borough Council - 25th November 2010

Councils team up to fight Thames Water 

Richmond Borough Council - 22nd November 2010

Thames Tunnel consultation criticised

PutneySW15.com - 21st November 2010

Wandsworth Council Says NO To Barn Elms Tunnel

Protest over 'super sewer' entrance in Barn Elms gathers pace

Wandsworth Council - 19th November 2010

Council says no to Barn Elms tunnel

The Evening Standard - 18th November 2010

Supersewer 'will ruin our Thames view'

MayorWatch.co.uk - 15th November 2010

Six new Thames Tunnel exhibition dates announced

The Docklands - 11th November 2010

Angry protest at Rotherhithe ‘super sewer’ consultation

The Guardian - 4th November 2010

Thames Water's proposed £2.5bn sewage tunnel should be scrapped in favour of cheaper, less-disruptive options 

Conservative Blog - Cllr Harry Phibbs - 16th September 2010 

Folly of Thames Water's £3.6 billion Super Sewer 

The Evening Standard - 13th September 2010

Residents kick up stink over £3.6 billion super-sewer 

PutneySW15.com - 10th September 2010 

"Frustrated & Determined To Continue To Fight"