The 14 best lawn edger 2020

1. BLACK+DECKER LE750 12 Amp 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and Trencher

If you have a small-sized garden that remains in desperate requirement of a fast trim, then the Black+Decker LE750 Edge Hog Edger and Trencher is a fantastic option. It is a flexible gardening tool that can keep your lawn edges looking completely manicured, and ti can likewise be transformed into a trencher for digging clean-looking trenches when you are improving your flower bed, or for setting up lighting or unnoticeable pet fencing.

As well as being to utilize, it has the power you require with a strong 11 amp 2-1/4 HP motor that can produce 150 in-lbs of torque for cutting through hard yard. The edger has a 7-1/2 inch blade with a 3/16 inch density that will offer you cutting action for edging along difficult surface areas like driveways. The 3-position adjustable blade depth supplies you with higher control over how deep you require to cut in and around garden beds and trees.

One of the highlights of this edger is the Right or Left Handed Assist Handle that is created to consider that additional versatility for navigating in difficult situations


  • Ideal for little backyards
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to utilize
  • Multifunctional
  • Good cutting action
  • Good power
  • Right or left manage


  • Not perfect for durable edging
  • Difficult to navigate with thick yard
  • Hard to utilize on sharp curves

2. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Edger 27032

The Greenworks 27032 Lawn Edger has a great deal of appealing functions that make it the perfect power tool for cutting and manicuring a little backyard. Greenworks has actually created this brilliant green edger with a strong, however light-weight style, that makes it extremely simple to . You do not need to stress over fighting with a ripcord as the edger can be begun with simply a press of a button.

The edger has an effective 12- amp motor and a 7. 5-inch double-edged blade that can cut up to 1. 5 inches deep, and the blade can be changed according to the density and size of the yard, which provides you a total accurate and smooth cut. The edger is well stabilized with 3 wheels, 2 bigger wheels at the back and a spring-assisted front wheel, which likewise assists to assist the edger and assists you to keep the proper depth of cut in the lawn.

As well as an extendable shaft that you can change according to your wanted height, the edger has a secondary manage that provides you that much-needed maneuverability when you need to work out little flower beds or for when you are dealing with thick yard. Another useful function is the cable lock that avoids the extension cable from detaching.


  • Ideal for small-sized backyards
  • Good worth for cash
  • Lightweight
  • Solid building and construction
  • Easy to navigate and manage
  • Very excellent edger


  • Not perfect for cutting thick yard

3. McLane 101-5. 5GT-7Gas Powered Lawn Edger, 5.50 Gross Torque/3. 5 HP B&S Engine 7 Wheels

If you have a medium to large-sized residential or commercial property and are trying to find an expert design edger that can offer you with exceptional edging efficiency, then the McLane 801 5.50 GT Gas- powered Edger is your best option. The McLane edger will make easy work of all those gardening manicuring jobs as it is powered by a strong Briggs and Stratton 3. 5 horse power engine that supplies 4.74 gross torque for remarkable cutting and cutting power.

It is perfect for harder cutting and edging jobs as the 9-inch edging blade and single-level blade clutch provides you higher control over the depth of cut. When you are edging along flower beds or for a lighter cut when you are cutting along the walkway, You can pick to utilize a much deeper cut.

The durable edger is well created with a strong steel frame, and the 4 big 8-inch rubber changeable wheels with ball bearings offer you that additional maneuverability and control for irregular surface. An additional benefit of the McLane edger is that it can be utilized in California as it is CARB certified.


  • Ideal for medium to large-sized homes
  • Good worth for cash
  • Easy to begin
  • Excellent edger
  • Solid maker
  • Plenty of power


  • Heavy
  • Instructions are difficult to comprehend
  • Throttle cable television can come off

4. BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 Li-On String Trimmer

The very first item on our list here is a doozy, Black+Deckers have actually put together rather the weed-wacker here, an item that can transform from trimmer to wheeled edger in the matter of seconds which will certainly interest a great deal of individuals out there trying to find some variation here.


  • Speed control
  • Easyfeed
  • Convertible
  • Control
  • Easy tidy


  • 0

5. BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer and Edger, 12-Inch (MTC220)

Yet another item from the Black+Decker camp, this one a little bit more durable provided the four-wheel assistance you are provided! One of the primary advantages of this item is that it doubles up like a lawnmower as it does lawn edger! You require just snap out the lawn edger whenever you require cutting the edges, as soon as you’re done merely put it back on the wheels, and away you go! If you are going to utilize both functions, This one is a little costlier however certainly worth it!


  • Speed control
  • Convertible
  • Versatile
  • Easy tidy
  • Lightweight


  • 0

6. True Temper 28112200 Dual-Wheel Rotary Edger-28112200, 54 Inch

Something a little bit more robust for your gardening satisfaction, one that returns to essentials a little in how you utilize it and the general style of this item To start with, if you discover that huge mechanical devices simply aren’t doing it for you, then you will wish to have a look at this rotary edger, it remains in numerous methods an enhanced variation of a set of sheers. The three-positioned self-cleaning steel blade makes it simple and easy to utilize and one that is certainly worthwhile of a purchase!


  • Self- cleansing
  • Dual wheels
  • Cushioned grip
  • Lightweight
  • Simple


  • 0

7. WORX WG896 12 Amp 7. 5 Electric Lawn Edger & & Trencher, 7. 5in

Beginners typically battle to begin basic lawn care upkeep jobs like edging since they’re scared to make errors. This simple, user friendly edger is exceptional for driveways and walkways, and it’s cutting line indication assists users prevent zig-zag lines.

Best for little jobs
Works well for walkway edging
Relatively light-weight


  • Cutting line indication assists users remain on-target
  • An exceptional alternative for novices
  • Three possible depth modifications


  • Cannot manage hard soils, roots, or plant life
  • Guards aren’t adjustable

8. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Edger 27032

One of the most intriguing functions of the Greenworks 27032 Edger is the cord-lock security function. This guarantees that the user never ever unintentionally pulls the cable from the wall and winds up in an unsafe reboot circumstance. The 4-year guarantee is likewise quite great. However, this electrical edger does not work well in rough surface.

  • Springy front wheel
  • Cord- lock security function
  • 4-year guarantee


  • Does a great task with smaller sized jobs, particularly walkways
  • Spring- helped front wheel assists with blade depth change throughout usage
  • Exceptionally simple to utilize


  • Cannot sustain hard surfaces or thick soils
  • Handle might not have the ability to endure bodyweight

9. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools ED70012 S 11-Amp 3-Position Corded Electric Lawn Edger

This electrical edger might not be the most effective, however it is a fantastic alternative for work. Weighing in at just 13 pounds, it’s to assemble. Anyone intending to keep a driveway or front walkway looking neat might take advantage of this lawn edger.

  • Lightweight
  • Capable of transforming into a trencher
  • Quick assembly


  • Only weighs 13 pounds
  • Takes extremely little time to totally put together
  • Works well for edging driveways


  • Factory- offered blade snaps quickly
  • Slightly less effective than similar electrical lawn edgers

10. BLACK+DECKER LST420 20 V MAX Lithium High Performance Trimmer and Edger, 12

The cordless electrical lawn edger from Black + Decker provides a huge selection of functions at a budget friendly cost point. This lawn edger is really a trimmer/edger combination, which contributes to its general worth and enables you to neaten up your backyard after cutting with a single tool.

This edger’s piece de resistance is the 20 V battery with prolonged runtime. The edger has double modes, which implies you can pick the prolonged runtime of about an hour or increase the power from the edger to deal with hard tasks.

This edger likewise increases the power of the cutting blade with unique innovation to make it more reliable. It likewise includes a wheeled edging function. This function utilizes a wheel to assist the blade for higher stability and accuracy in your cutting.

If you require higher convenience from your edger, this one makes an excellent option. It provides a telescopic manage and rotating head so you can reach tough angles and change the manage length for your own benefit.


  • Dual mode
  • Trimmer and edger combination
  • Extended runtime battery
  • Wheeled edging guide
  • Telescopic manage and rotating head
  • Affordable


  • Battery implies no endless run time

11. Greenworks 12 Amp Electric Corded Edger 27032

This light-weight and inexpensive lawn edger is an excellent option for smaller sized tasks around the backyard. A corded lawn edger, it utilizes a 12- amp motor and 3 wheels for pushable power around the backyard.

While this lawn edger does not provide extraordinary power for huge or thick tasks, it does provide a variety of benefits. It is among the most inexpensive lawn edgers on our list, however still has a 7. 5 inch blade that can be gotten used to different heights.

Convenience integrates with efficiency in this lawnedger For example, the manage gets used to enable you to get the comfy grip you require to finish your task. A cable lock function avoids unexpected unplugging of the cable.

You do require to be conscious that this lawn edger will not carry out at the exact same level of more effective tools.


  • 12- amp motor
  • Cord lock function
  • Adjustable blade height
  • Adjustable manage
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for huge tasks
  • Corded so minimal variety

12. BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 String Trimmer/ Edger and Trencher, 12 -Amp (LE760)

This lawn edger from Black + Decker is a flexible tool that enables you to both edge and dig trenches for jobs such as putting in borders around your gardens.

This corded lawn edger boasts an effective 12- amp, high torque motor. This motor is, according to customers, effective enough to cut through hard yard and overgrowth from disregarded edges.

With 3 cutting heights and a stainless-steel blade, this lawn edger is enough to manage a range of edging tasks. The bring up guide makes it much easier to edge in a straight line, however quickly vacates the method when you are all set to transform it into a trencher.

A cable retention function keeps the cable plugged in, and a consisted of replacement blade includes worth and benefit to the purchase.

The main drawback to this backyard tool is the reality that it is corded. This function will restrict how far you can opt for the edger and makes it better for sized backyards than for huge jobs.


  • 2-in-1 edger and trencher
  • 12- amp motor
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Edge guide
  • Cord retention
  • Included replacement blade


  • Corded and for that reason minimal variety
  • No blade guard or disengagement function

13. AMES 2917200 Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip, 39-Inch

Do you seem like electrical motors simply make things too simple? Or do you wish to double your physical effort on your landscaping to conserve a couple of dollars on a health club subscription? Then you may think about the AMES Saw-Tooth BorderEdger When it runs, It needs no gas or fuel and it makes nearly no sound. If you have an excellent light, you can even edge your pathways in the evening.

If you’re employing your teenage child for 5 dollars an hour to teach him character, this sure beats any character they’ll acquire from merely shooting on an electricaledger This will provide strength and assist them discover an entire brand-new side of themselves that they’ve never ever seen prior to. The side that completely edges yards with simply the power of their own 2 hands and the AMES Saw-Tooth BorderEdger And it’s likewise best for those whose religions do not concur with electrical power. As you can see, with all these religion-safe and character-building advantages, this is most likely the best lawn edger for the cash.


  • Very economically priced
  • No batteries or fuel required
  • Makes no sound when run
  • Serrated blade cuts yard and sod with ease


  • Takes a great deal of manual energy

14. Truper 32100 Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger with Dual Wheel and Ash Handle, 48-Inch

With vicious metal spikes extending from all angles connected to a car and set at completion of a long pole, the Truper Tru Tough Rotary Lawn Edger looks more like a middle ages abuse or war gadget than a modern-day lawn tool. Just as it might have been utilized in centuries past to strike worry into the hearts of peasants, it now has a brand-new life striking worry into the hearts of thick edges all over. When you bust out the Truper, edges will merely fall in line for worry of death at the hands of your bladed edging weapon. Since it needs no gas or batteries, your edger is constantly all set for fight, and its nearly-silent operation enables you to slip up on any edges that didn’t understand you were coming.

When your next-door neighbors see the outcomes of your fight, they’ll all be surprised that you handled to invest hours edging your backyard and they didn’t even see or hear you. Then, they’ll observe just how much muscle you’ve gotten from the physical effort of swinging your spiked polearm at edge after edge. But if you ‘d choose a simpler option to your thick edges, you might think about an electrical trimmer rather.


  • Great for edging versus delicate surface areas
  • No batteries or gas
  • Very peaceful
  • Affordable


  • More lengthy
  • Takes more manual effort

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